Austin Excavating & Tractor Service

My name is James Austin and nearly 40 years ago a very important event happened. Back in the day when bulldozers had clutches and brake pedals my dad made a deal with me, you can run the bulldozer when you can make it stop. With my tiny little butt on the edge of the seat by grabbing the handle above the dash with both hands and pulling up with me feet on the pedals I could make the machine stop. Dad had no choice but to start letting me operate the dozer. Truck driving and chainsaw skills soon followed.


That was the beginning of my career in excavating. Today, I specialize in residential homes and other projects a small business can complete. Now, many years later and hundreds of projects worked, I have a vast amount of experience. And, over the years, I developed different and multiple techniques enabling me to seamlessly transition between all phases of a project and bring it to a successful conclusion. Iím ready to look at your project.